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Phoenix Energy is authorized distributor for SOURCE™ Hydropanels, a product by Zero Mass Water™. Hydropanels combine sunlight + air to make, mineralize, and deliver a perfected supply of drinking water right to your tap without any electric or piped water input.

Traveling through a complicated water system of pipes and aging infrastructure or from an extensive supply chain, it’s hard to know exactly where your drinking water has been. With SOURCE, your water is made at home, giving your family safe, delicious drinking water.

Whether it’s dry or humid, SOURCE makes water for you and your family. From 2 panel to large arrays, SOURCE arrays are designed to make drinking water to meet your consumption needs.

Water Production

Using advanced water capture technology, a standard SOURCE array replaces more than a twelve-pack and up to a twenty-pack of bottled water on a sunny day.*

Water Quality

SOURCE water is mineralized with calcium and magnesium, achieving optimal taste. With this perfect combination of electrolytes for your hydration, SOURCE brings the highest-quality water for your health right to your tap.

Water Independence

SOURCE flows conveniently to your tap from infrastructure independent panels on your roof. Low-maintenance and always delicious, you own your water.


Powered by solar, SOURCE panels tap into the inexhaustible supply of fresh water in the atmosphere, eliminating plastic or water waste.


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