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The innovative and easily installed solar thermal water heater, Solior, integrates the solar collector and storage tank in one system on the roof. Thus, it occupies less space and shading area than other solar water heaters available in the market.

Solior is especially designed to allow direct connection to the pressure pump. The system looks smart on flat roofs and does not require an external tank or a large frame to lift.

More efficient than conventional solar hot water systems, Solior water heating systems utilize mirrors to focus sunlight onto the collector wrapped with a 94% solar absorption layer. They optimize water heating output and energy bills even further.

Solior heating system comes with a support structure for easy installation on flat or slanted/tiled roofs and only has to be connected to hot and cold water supply.

The system needs virtually no maintenance beyond a quick functional check-up once a year.

Solior Models & Components

Description FL 150T FL 150E
Capacity 150 150
Tank Stainless Steel Galvanized Steel
Thickness 1.5 mm 3 mm
Solar Absorption 95% 95%
Optical Efficiency 75% 75%
Max Operating Pressure 8 bar 4 bar
Mass, Empty 60 kg 80 kg
Mode Tropical Economy
Maximum Temperature, Filled with Water 95°C
External Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1970 x 1441 x 1220 mm
Collector Area 1.85 m2
Average Annual Heat Loss Factor 2,5 W/m2 K
Compliance EN1297576/, CE, NEN 5128, NPR7976
Maintenance Details No maintenance
No pump or collector circuit
No expansion vessel
No need to replace glycol
Durable materials
Fully recyclable
Heat exchanger for boiler connection (Optional)

Product Features

  • Simplicity & high performance
  • Attractive design & simple installation
  • Convenience & reliability
  • Compact dimensions
  • Can be pressurized

Technical Features

  • All-in-One fully integrated design: collector & tank
  • 150 liter storage & 1.85 m² collector area
  • Highly efficient parabolic mirrors & spectral-selective foil
  • Natural thermosyphon principle
  • Less sensitive to water hardness

System Advantages & Benefits

  • 5-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free
  • Highly efficient & easily installed
  • Compact: ~2.5 m2 footprint
  • Operational all year round
  • Attractive look & contemporary design
  • Suitable for installation on any flat or tiled roof
  • Hot storage water & solar collector are combined in a single system

>> Service Hotline: +961 71 734218 / +961 70 148005
>> Supported by the Ministry of Energy & the Central Bank of Lebanon
>> Payment facilities up to 10 years with 0.325% interest (subject to bank approval)

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