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A Photovoltaic (PV) power system is a large to medium-scale system designed to supply power; it can be implemented to work on-grid, off-grid and/or in synch with generators.

Phoenix Photovoltaic System Allows Users to:

  • Generate free energy from the sun
  • Pump excess energy to the grid through a smart meter
  • Reduce energy consumption in diesel generators when the grid is off
  • Be able to store the electrical energy in batteries

Phoenix Energy provides Modeling & Simulation

  • Modeling to define plant topology
  • Shading analysis to avoid losses
  • Sizing of PV plants inverters, strings & arrays
  • PV systems simulations to determine plant output with the ability to cross match theoretical data with on-line & archived data for weather & energy productions, making simulations more precise
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) of the entire project
  • Commissioning & testing of the plant according to international standards

Case Study: Industrial Plant in Lebanon

  • PV system size: 195kW
  • Decentralized system with 8 inverters
  • Complete weather station with monitoring system
  • Annual output: 365 MWh
  • LED Lighting: reduction of 50% of the load
  • Annual savings: 112 MWh
  • Total energy savings: 487 MWh
  • Payback: 4.9 years

On Gird PV System – Concept

PV System Running with Generators

  • The system runs in sync with the grid or the generator
  • The inverter is in charge of the synchronization with the other sources
  • Automation system is added to ensure proper operation with the generator
  • The automation system controls the power output to keep the PV production less than the demand in generator mode
  • The automation system is also responsible for protecting the generator from running on IDLE mode, in case the demand is low

>> Service Hotline: +961 71 734218 / +961 70 148005
>> Supported by the Ministry of Energy & the Central Bank of Lebanon
>> Payment facilities up to 10 years with 0.325% interest (subject to bank approval)

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