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Phoenix Energy provides wind energy solutions for three types of wind energy turbine systems available today: off-grid, grid-tie and isolated grid applications. We focus on small and medium systems, as opposed to large central-grid system.   Request more Info about Wind Turbine Systems

Small Off-Grid Wind Turbine Systems

Small turbines have a capacity of 50 W to 10 kW and feature battery charging and water pumping applications.

Wind energy plants that Phoenix supplies are renowned for their quality, longevity and easy assembly. They are selected according to the latest technical developments with particular regard to reliability and ease of maintenance. The principle is based on a turbine using wind energy as the motive power to revolve a permanent-magnet generator at low speed to generate alternating current (AC). This alternating current is converted to direct current (DC) through a constant-voltage rectifier under control and stored in the battery. The direct current (DC) transmitted from the battery can be converted to alternating current (AC) through inversion power source and then put into use by linking to a load.

Off-Grid System Schematic

  • The permanent magnet generator is of high-performance. It produces a three-phase current that allows covering greater distances with negligible loss
  • The rotor blades are made of reinforced fiber glass resin that provides the required stability in parallel with the flexibility and light weight
  • Safe and maintenance-free system ensured by the absence of a gear and shaft assembly or belt drive
  • The tail vane that keeps the rotor in the wind is conceived as part of the storm safeguard elements
  • Direct drive assures formidable performance and very quiet running
  • Designed for easy installing and can practically be put up anywhere
  • Mainly used for charging batteries and can be used for generation of electricity and as back-up systems
  Off-Grid Turbine System Includes:
  • Three fiberglass blades
  • Hub
  • Three-phase current generator
  • Tail vane
  • Mounting pole
  • Controller
  • Inverter

Grid-Tie Wind Systems

Unlike the off-grid wind systems that can be used independent from the public grid, the grid-tie wind systems or on-grid wind systems can be used for back-up. In the case of excess electricity not needed by the load, it will be “pumped” back into the grid.

This system type can be used with storage capacity in case of unreliable grid availability, or without storage in case of sites where blackouts are rare. In case of on-grid system, the controller and the inverter are selected as on-grid type to be able to deliver electricity to the grid.

Grid Tie System Schematic

Medium Isolated-Grid Wind Turbine Systems

The size of isolated grid systems varies from 50 to 300 kW, this application is usually coupled with another source of energy mainly a generator to reduce the load on the generators and in turn lower the fuel consumption.

The hybrid systems can also be classified depending on the level of wind energy penetration, whether low, medium or high penetration. The penetration level is the share of the wind energy output that is supplied to the total electrical load. It is mainly related to the wind potential at the project site and the complexity of the system to be installed.
  • Turbines typically 10 to 200 kW
  • Reduce generation costs in remote areas: wind-diesel hybrid system
  • High or low penetration

Wind-Diesel Hybrid System Schematic

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