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Working together for better environment by providing the most efficient & innovative sustainable solutions

About us

Who we are
At a time where technological breakthroughs…
In 1998, Phoenix spun off from Indevco…
Phoenix Energy –Waste Division Management “WDM” is specialized in solid waste recycling, treatment and waste to energy as well as to provide turnkey projects for MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) , biomass management projects and WTE (waste to energy) solutions.
The WDM is actually working under the umbrella of Phoenix Group and covering the MENA region. Its goal is to participate and remain at the highest level of progress in the management & waste treatment focusing on everything related to this field.


What we offer
“WDM” provides the following services: site investigation, survey study, master plan, design details & documentations, construction of landfill cell, waste to energy solution
  • Design & construction of MSW sorting, recycling, composting & RDF with all related equipment
  • Design & construction of WTE complete solutions
  • Design & constructions of landfill sites
  • Engineering, shop drawings of the mechanical & electrical equipment
  • Providing the best European sorting, recycling, treatment equipment
  • Providing technical support, training during operation along with after sales services
Biomass management The use of biomass and waste fuel is a growing area based on sound economic and environmental benefits.
The main objective of biomass projects are to protect the environment from pollution caused by the burning of the biomass and optimum utilization of the energies.

MSW treatment Phoenix Energy “WDM” is active in the municipal solid waste treatment in Lebanon as well as in the MENA region, where it is contracted to receive solid waste, sort, treat and landfill…
Revenue sources: Tipping fee-Refuse derived fuel “RDF”-Compost & Recyclables

Waste to Energy treatment Phoenix Energy “WDM” is also equipped to transform the refuse derived fuel “RDF” into pellets then into a source of energy (char, oil & syngas) with a strict respect to the ministry of environment norms and regulations.

Engineering & Contracting Phoenix Energy “WDM” main goal is to provide its customers by a fully integrated services: “design, construct, supply, treat…”

Scope of work: “Flow”

  • Design & manufacture MSW treatment facilities; systems and equipment
  • Preparing engineering packages for all mechanical, electrical & civil works
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for solid waste management projects
  • MENA exclusive agent for the most important leading European brand equipment in the waste
  • Provide technical support & training during operation and after sales services


  • Compactors and baling systems
  • Recycling plants
  • Compost plants
  • RDF plants
  • MSW sorting plants
  • Biomass treatment plants
  • Waste to Energy plants
  • Sanitary landfills

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