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Solar powered lighting systems offer a solution for areas where grid availability is weak and roads are poorly lit. Regions, especially in the mountains, have roads that need lights and roads are mostly not equipped with electricity poles.

In order to illuminate these roads, municipality workers will have to dig and install the necessary wiring, re-asphalt and install the light poles and this requires considerable investment and time for execution.
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The lights come in different sizes depending on their applications, whether external landscape lighting, yard lights, normal street lights or highway lights with a power up to 60 or 80 watts.

The system is made of a photovoltaic panel to collect sunlight and transform it into electrical current. The current goes through a controller that charges a storage battery.


Phoenix Energy provides solar street lights customized to your requirements.
  • Solar Panel
    Monocrystalline / Polycrystalline (50 Wp - 200 Wp)
  • Storage Battery
    Lead-acid battery 12 V (55 AH~200 AH) / gel battery
  • Controller
    Capable of against over discharging, overcharging, anti-lightening, light control & time control
  • Principle Lamp
    LED / limitless lamp / energy saving lamp / high-pressure sodium / low-pressure sodium
  • Pole
    Steel, hot-dip galvanizing & power-coated
  • Height
    6 m - 12 m or customized
  • Work Time
    5 - 10 hours per day, it can still work normally 3 - 5 days if it is cloudy
  • Working Temperature
    -30C to 70C

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