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 Resource Assessment Services

Phoenix Energy provides services to study resource availability directly affecting the economic feasibility of a renewable energy project. Renewable energy technologies are directly dependent on the availability of natural energy resources.

The resource assessment would involve:
  • Study of wind resources for wind power projects
  • Study of solar resources for solar power projects
  • Study of the type and composition of waste resources and their appropriate conversion methods for waste-to-energy projects
  • Study of biomass fuels
These services can be presented along with the renewable energy projects to secure investments and return on investment.

Waste-to-Energy Services

We select waste-to-energy processes based on the project capacity, waste type, and the output type required, whether it is fuel, process heat, or steam for electricity generation.

Waste-to-energy processes can be grouped under three categories: Physical, Thermal, and Biological Technologies.

Together with our customers, we define the waste type, project purpose and select the proper process depending on the required output.

Phoenix Energy engineered a waste to energy plant to recycle and transform waste into electricity. We can provide any public or private institution with a turn-key system that would consume up to 97% of the waste and transform it into up to 3 MWh of electricity, 3% sterile ash, and emissions that meet European standards.
  • Reduction in landfills that are using potentially valuable land, leaching toxins into groundwater & releasing significant greenhouse gas
  • Reduced dependency on fossil fuels
  • Providing consistent energy supply unlike other renewable sources
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions & pollution
  • Eligibility for carbon credits

Waste to Energy Processes

Waste to Energy Processes

Waste to Energy Processes

Waste to Electricity System Schematic

Waste to Energy Phases

Waste to Energy Project Phases

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